This article is about the fictional character. For the actual character, see Warren Cook.

Warren James Cook (known as W.C. on his debuting episode) is a teenager who has an unfortunate habit of rubbing people up the wrong way. He made his OliverWestern debut in Episode 6, eventually leaving in Episode 13.


Warren Cook made his debut into the series in Episode 6, as one of the students on Detention. He was sent there as punishment for making a fake VHS Opening, though he didn't mention the title of the said fake VHS Opening. He was the first student to be picked up by his father, Alan Cook (who cosplayed as a Bodyguard for his debut episode).

In Episode 7, Warren Cook got a Red Card as punishment for getting a Detention, and ended up being suspended for the rest of the year, though he did admit to the principal (off-screen) that he was relieved that Dora Marquez landed in Dead Meat, instead of him.

He made a small appearance in the next episode, where Dora Marquez attempted to get revenge on OliverWestern by making a fake VHS Opening herself entitled "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Opening in 1984 by Disney. Real, not Fake". It should be noted, however, that unlike the real Warren Cook, this version felt bad about making fake VHS Openings and attempted to put things right.

In Episode 11, we find that he was unsuccessful, and ended up being sentenced to life in Barnhurst, after he was found guilty of hacking into OliverWestern's Facebook page, and making fake VHS Openings.

He escaped from Barnhurst alongside Noddy, Dora, Caillou, Postman Pat, and Barney (the same five whom were grounded alongside Scrappy Doo and Flim Flam in Episode 10), only to get caught by Nintendo Character Pauline (of POPFNITV), and given an extra year in prison.

Episode 13 was where Warren made his biggest mistake. He decided to start a riot, hoping to get its Governor, Vera Bennett, fired from her job. However, his plan badly backfired when he had accidentally killed Barney, leaving the others to suffer the consequences for his actions. As punishment for starting the riot, he was transferred to the Tina Diesel Detention Center.

Series 4Edit

In the event of Series 4 getting the go ahead, Warren Cook will turn good, and will be renamed Good Warren James Cook. But not before getting even more groundings, which he admitted (off-screen) was better than going to prison.


  • This version of Warren Cook has exactly the same same as the user, but they are two completely different people altogether
  • This version also confirms that Good Warren Cook is a Former Troublemaker.