Tunaep the NSI (Not-So Innocent) Otter is Eihpos the Demon Otter's only cousin and former brother of Yllej and Rettub (who were absorbed by him so that he can achieve maximum psychopathy). He is the main antagonist in GoGang: Peanut vs. Tunaep


Born on June 22nd in HawWeen Bay, Tunaep was the first (and later only) child of Lapo and Tsenre Otter. When he was 3, he was bitten on the tail by a venomous snake during a nature walk, thus controlling his mind to permanent evil thoughts and turning him into a villain. When he was 6 years old, he absorbed his sisters Yllej and Rettub with an unknown power he discovered himself, thus absorbing their personalities to increase his psychopathy and bloodthirstiness to the max.


Tunaep is a burnt orange otter with yellowish eyes, a groomed tuft of hair, and sharp claws on his paws with blood on the tips. He also has a heart-shaped gash on his forehead (in which stores his mental powers), three scratches on his tummy (used to attract unsuspecting victims), and a bandage on his tail with a heart on it, appearing to be stuck to a green fish's mouth (underneath is a snake bite). He wears blue and purple shoes with smiley faces on them.   


Tunaep may look, act and sound somewhat playful, but deep down, he is a terrorizing, creepy child. He is merely nice to his family and friends in HawWeen Bay as well as the villains of the GoAnimate universe. He is generally an enemy to the heroes of Lake Hoohaw, GoCity, and everywhere else. His catchphrase is "I'll be your very best friend...........NOT!"

He is often shown smiling in a somewhat creepy fashion.


Tunaep carries a stuffed talking fish named Glubby Bubby. His parents gave him the toy when he was a baby. He uses Glubby Bubby's talking feature (which sounds worn out over the years) to scare fellow people, tricking them into thinking that the toy said "F*** you!" when it actuality says "Love you!". Other phrases thought to be uttered out by the toy include "Go die!" (actually saying "Goodbye!") and "I hate you all!" (actually saying "I'll play with you all!")

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Scratching with his sharp claws
  • Absorbing his body into one's brain, giving him/her nightmares
  • Scaring people with his Glubby Bubby plush
  • Mind Control
  • Communicating with the Dead
  • Attracting ones with his three scratches and heart-shaped gash


  • The Glubby Bubby plush's communication is inspired by the controversy of the talking Po from Teletubbies toy that was recalled to say "F****t" repeatedly.
  • Tunaep's personality parodizes any horror movie featuring creepy children.