Tom (SvTFOE)

That what he look like.


UTTP, Clarence (In Mordo's video), Baby Show, Breadwinner, VGCP (Sometimes), disrespecting people's opinion, beating people up, child abuse and other bad stuff.


VGCP (Most times), getting grounded by his parent, getting bad grade from school, GoGang, Non-Sider and other good stuff


Mima, Yandere-Chan, IA (sometimes), Star Butterfly (at time, his ex-girlfriends), Drek (at times), Mirror Igor, Mirror Pingy, Purple Guy, Evil Sanae, Springtrap, Nightmare Animatronic, Phantom Animatronic and other his friends


Marco Diaz, Star Butterlfy (due to not having Star commit to her promises to him), Igor, Toy and Original Animatronic, Mordecai, Sophie and other his enemies

Tom has salmon-colored hair, very pale whitish-pink skin, three red eyes (one in the middle of his forehead), two pale-orange white-tipped horns on the sides of his head, sharp teeth, pointy ears and nose, and a purple tongue. He wears a red tattered T-shirt with a star in a maroon circle in the center, long dark-red wristbands, maroon ragged shorts, a dark gray studded belt, orange boots with brown tips, a hoop earring on his right ear, and two studs on his left ear. However, is a bully with a flaming temper; both figuratively, as he is quick to anger, and literally, as he bursts into flames soon after. He is used to getting what he wants, and will not hesitate to be violent about it, and very easily creates grudges and holds onto them for dear life.

In this wiki, he is a huge troublemaker like Mima, Yandere-Chan and some of bad characters.