Created By Pingy Animatronic.


Today Is a Great Day For Pingy and His Friends But Suddenly IA and the UTTP Minions Wants to Ruin Pingy's Day and Trash His Manor!


Young Guy as Pingy

Paul as Igor and KingKool720

David as thegoldenbrick1

Scary Voice as Springtrap

Kayla as Sophie and Dora

Jeniffer as Renko and Mima

Brian as Bubsy, Mordecai and SimpleGuy1401

Kimberly as Peanut Otter and Sanae Kochiya

Julie as Yandere-Chan

Eric as IA


[The Movie Shows The Title For The Movie]

[It Zooms To Pingy's Manor]

[Pingy Yawns]

Pingy: "Good Morning Manor!"

[Igor enters the Mansion]

Igor: "Wake up like it's the end of the world!" [Waves]

Mordecai: What you mean end of world?

thegoldenbrick1: Yea.