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Mordecai Peterson

His avatar look.


15 (Almost 16)



Go!Animate Career Start

January 31, 2015 (Since he decided to join in Wikia) April 30, 2015

Go!Animate Career End


His love internet/WAIFU

CJ (Regular Show;Current, but he didn't make her avatar yet) Margaret (Regular Show; Same as CJ)



His grammar

Bad/Neutral (For random time)

Mordecai Peterson is one of the best users on Go!Animate. He is a Regular Show and The Walking Dead fan, and also he also hates violations of the rules because a lot of people misbehave on social media and do "inappropriate stuff". As well that they just never listen to the Terms of Service. So have to do this was make nice to people, editing some good stuff, allies with some Go!Fan and other stuff. So when he join this websites, he decide to make good pages and meet with some Go!Animate is where 4chanIsAWorstWebsitesEver2000 what he like. Plus, he was being troll by bunch of former poor grammar guy of 4chan in early February or late January.



Likes: Good users, scary movies, GoAnimate, Nickelodeon, YouTube, Cartoon Network, Attack on Titan, The Walking Dead, Grounded Video, Spongebob Squarepant, Rugrats, Wikia (sometime), FNAF Series, Guilty Gear, YouTube, being an admin on Wikia, playing on computer, being playful to people and more good stuff.

Dislikes: 4chan (formerly), hackforum, getting blocked, when not give him admin, violation of Term of Service, Cyber-bullying, when his Wikia getting closed down, VGCP, messing with him/her and/or other good user, imposter, IA (Sometimes), annoy by one of people, getting revoke by admins for nothing, not getting admin or bureaucrats, Clarence, UTTP, Yaoi videos, Yuri videos, Fetishes Videos, Boku no Pico, Rule 34, e621, Johnny Test and other bad stuff.

Trivia Edit

  • He may make some grammar mistakes, for example: "Let do something." (no offense)
  • He joined YouTube in late December.
  • He used to be great guy until in late April when he was thinking of becoming AA by IA (which would've tricked him into being hacked) and telling him what to do.
  • He hugely despises Yaoi/Yuri videos, Clarence, Pico no Boku, Rule 34 and e621 with a burning passion.
  • He join HGOP and must defend himself as well.
  • He currently Waifu in CJ and Margaret but they both being inactive.
  • He friends of Igor, Pingy, Oliverwestern, Cody and more.
  • He is a Mogeko Castle's fan.
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