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Julie Ginger is a new character of funtime series called ginger family made by CherryLollipop155 .

Name: Julie Dawn Ginger

Age: 13

Occuption: Middle school student

Birthday: June 5th, 2002

Voice: Julie

Grade: 8th

Hair color: Apricot orange

Eye color: Emerald green

Friends: Alessa,  Jordan,  Eli, Sidney, Tyrone, Joseph, Ms Grell, Principal Holmes, good users, everyone at school.

Enemies: Charity

Height: 4'3(below Cherry's height)

Family: Unnamed father (but named Xavier for one of Sophie the Otter's headcanons)

Clara Ginger(Mother)

Liam Ginger(Brother)

In GoQuest OnlineEdit

The player first meets Julie at her school in Ms Grell's class. As soon as you recruit her, she tells you to find her enemy Charity in the gym, where you fight her via a dodgeball game.