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Joan "The Freak" Ferguson

Full name

Joan Ferguson

Also known as

The Freak







Joan Ferguson (dubbed The Freak by the Barnhurst gang) is a fictional character in the GoAnimate realm based on the original Joan Ferguson from Prisoner Cell Block H. She is created by OliverWestern.


Joan Ferguson (off-screen) was originally a bent screw working at Wentworth, before she got convicted of corruption.

OliverWestern SeriesEdit

Joan Ferguson made her GoAnimate debut in Episode 16: Joan Ferguson gets Grounded. Here, she did not take her conviction very well at all. She called Vera Bennett by her nickname of Vinegar Tits, and called her Bitch. Then she angered Marty Jackson (the inducting officer) by calling him Bastard when she went to get her prison clothes on. She got grounded by Dennis Cruikshank, after she declared herself top dog and threatened the inmates.

In A Bad Day for Noddy Smith, she got herself into more strife with the screws when she deliberately got into a fight with Noddy Smith, though it should be noted that in her defence, Noddy did provoke her.

Although she was killed in the Season 3 finale, unfortunately she was accidentally revived in the Season 4 premier, thanks to Diesel conning Dora and Caillou into placing the 1-UP Reef on the graves of all of the Barnhurst prisoners.

She is eventually sent back to Barnhurst, where once again, she claimed Top Dog position. During her time, she succesfully got Phifedawg, Chrissie Latham, and Franky Doyle sent to Wentworth, her former work-place. She also lost her Top Dog position to Queen Bea Smith.

In Season 8, she was convicted on harassment charges, and she finds that she has no respect left from the inmates, and was extra pissed off with Joms Anmehtur for using the phrases "Hi-de-Hi" and "Naughty-Naughty" to her.

In Season 9, Joan got extremely bitchy with the screws. She insulted them verbally, she left Luigi, Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina hospitalised for an episode, she even planned an escape, but she was foiled by James the Animator, when he cleverly went undercover as Damon Mizuno. Thanks to him, she was transferred to Dark Prison.

DTLTS SeriesEdit

In the DTLTS Series, Joan Ferguson makes her debut in the second episode: Joan Ferguson Strikes Back. here, she once again wins the position of Top Dog, to the dismay of the officers. It is also revealed in this episode that she has a fear of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.