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Intellegent ATHIEST is a popular, and somewhat controversial GoAnimator and Vandal. He is known for his unusual GoAnimate videos. Most of his videos are parodies of other GoAnimate videos.

Betraying the Wiki

File:GoAnimate v3 wiki admins in a nutshell-0

IA created a video (seen on your right) that makes fun out of our users of this wiki. This led to Igor to creating a "Revenge Video" called IA Betrays everyone/Grounded and Executed, much to the disapproval of OliverWestern, due to his "two wrongs do not make a right" stance.

He later revealed his true colours under the name Mater Mercury UTTP.


IA has apologized for his prior actions and has turned over a new leaf...which leads to pingy to make IA Gets Ungrounded and resulting in Cody getting banned. This didn't last long, though.

"Hacking" the Wiki

Recently he teamed up with Boyned to hack this wiki. which led to Pingy to make IA Gets Grounded Series.

Vandal Attack

File:Screenshot 63.png
On the Picture on your right, IA has told serveral fourms to vandalize this wiki alongside IA. He was banned for violating CCAT policies.

Exposure Video

Currently, Pingy is making an Exposure of IA video alongside Cody, Igor and CoolGamer23.


Proof he is Bad