75px GoGang Vs NoGang, you are ungrounded!

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Created By Pingy Animatronic


Oh No! The Evil NoGang is Causing Hate and Death on GoCity! So it's Up To The GoGang to Defeat the NoGang.

Groups of GoGangEdit


GoGang NoGang Counterpart
Igor the Mii KingKool720
Pingy Animatronic Springtrap
Sophie the Otter Eihpos the Demon Otter
James The Animator Mirror James
Carkle the Animatronic Golden Freddy
Oliverwestern Phifedawg
Mordecai Peterson N/A
IA Mirror IA
MC Adore Yandere-Chan
Chica the Chicken Phantom Chica
Sanae Kochiya Mima
Senpai N/A
Info-Chan N/A
John N/A
Marisa Kirisame N/A
Peanut Otter Tunaep the NSI Otter

Groups of NoGangEdit


[The GoGang is walking on the park.]

Igor: "There is nothing to ruin this day..."

Sanae: "You just nailed it!"

Igor: "What you mean?"

Pingy: "Igor, Sanae Just nailed it."

Igor: "Okay then."

[Meanwhile, at NoGang's Lair...]

KingKool720: "We need to come up with a plan!"

Springtrap: "What Should we Do Now Boss? and Plus, Pingy's my Main Arch-Rival!"

Golden Freddy: "And Carkle's My Arch-Rival!"

Yandere-Chan: "Senpai Dosen't love me!"

Mima: "I hate how Sanae is dating a Jerk Mii!"

Eihpos: *Growls* ["And I Wanna Eat Sophie's Heart Out!"]

Dora: "And I Wanna Force The GoGang to Watch My Freaking Show!"

Gackt: "Igor and his Gang are Aganist Rule 34!"

Caillou: "They once banned Chuck E. Cheese from GoCity and Replaced it with Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!"

Elizabeth: "And I Got Defeated From Turning People into Wereanimals!"

KingKool720: "You guys Know what? We'll Destory GoCity!"

[They Evilly Laugh.]

[Cut back to the Gang, who are in the GoGang HQ Now.]

Igor: "Let's See. We have a Witch-Maid who betrayed Mima."

Marisa: "You mean me?"

Igor: "Yeah."

John: "She's my new girlfriend."

Igor: "I know!"

Pingy: "Pingy Knows Duh."

Igor: "I am all like, Why Marisa-"

Marisa: "DON'T ASK!"

Igor: "Sorry..."

[They hear a explosion from outside.]

Sophie: "What is That?!"

Pingy: "I Dunno! Is it My Stomach Growling?"

[Igor looks outside, We See Mima using her black magic to destory buildings while Yandere-Chan stabs Innocent People.]

Igor: "OH CRAP! GUYS!"

[Cuts to The NoGang]

Caillou: "I Will Tear Down Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and Turn it into Chuck E. Cheese's!"

[Caillou Bulldozes Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and Turns it into Chuck E. Cheese's]

[People are Running Away From Caillou and his Bulldozer]

[Cut to the GoGang.]


Sanae: "No, it isn't! We must work like a team!"

Marisa: "Yeah!"

Pingy: "And we Must Kick Their Tiny Butts!"

Chica: "They demolished Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, so they're gonna get attacked by the PIZZA CHICKEN!"

John: "I control the nature, you know!"

Sophie: "And Eihpos Must Pay for this! So should her only sidekick Tunaep, who absorbed his sisters Yllej and Rettub to make him more powerful and psychotic!"

Senpai: "I don't like Yandere-Chan!"

Info-Chan: "Me Neither!"

Oliverwestern: "We need to defeat them, because the good guys always win!"

[The GoGang Arrives To the NoGang's Battle Stadium]

KingKool720: "What Do You Want Losers?!"

Pingy: "Umm? Mr. Kool? Can You Stop Destroying GoCity?"

KingKool720: "NO!"

Igor: "That's it! We'll engage on a Battle!"

[Andy Panda is Breaking Marisa's Leg]

[Springtrap is Dismantling Pingy]

Igor: "Oh Crap!"

[Igor Heals Marisa's Leg, then he rebuilds Pingy]

Igor: "Blue Flare!"

[The Blue Flare Hits Andy Panda and Springtrap]

Igor: "TAKE THAT!"

John: "Don't mess with my girlfriend again!"

[Golden Freddy is Gonna Attack John Using Biting]


[Marisa uses her magic to attack Golden Freddy.]

Golden Freddy: "AGH!"

Tunaep: I Am Gonna F*cking Kill You F*cking All! [Tunaep Acts Like Chucky and He is Holding a Knife]

Igor: "Seriously. i'm going to f*cking murder the NoGang!"

[Igor Spin kicks all of the NoGang]

IA: hey guys

igor: IA were did you come from

IA: basically, i found a dead cow

(flashback oooooooo)

IA: holy crap, a dead cow, i am going to lick it

(end of flashback)

IA: then i found you guys

Mordecai: I found you guys too.



Ness and Lucas were going to appear, but they were replaced by Cuddles and Giggles.