Created By Pingy Animatronic.


Oh No! Plankton Has Joined Forces with IA, KK, Bubsy, Mima, and Yandere-Chan to Steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula So it's Up to The GoGang to Stop Them!


Young Guy as Pingy, Spongebob and IA

Eric as John, Carkle and Patrick

Julie as Marisa, Sandy and Naomi

Paul as Igor and KingKool720

Dallas as Mr.Krabs

Wise Guy as Plankton

Jennifer as Mima

Princess as Nitori, Renko and Yandere-Chan

Professor as Squidward

Kimberly as Sanae

Brian as Bubsy

Julie as Sandy and Yandere-Chan


[Igor is watching Walfas- "Cirno the Fairy" Intro on youtube]

Igor: "Hahahaha!"

[Pingy walks over]

Pingy: "Hi Igor! What you're watching?"

Igor: "Cirno the Fairy Intro, a Remake of Spongebob SquarePants Intro on Walfas."

Pingy: "Nice!"

Igor: "Well, we better go to bikini bottom, there might be chaos there!"

[The Gang goes to Bikini Bottom]

Igor: "..."

[The GoGang Wears Sea Helmets]

[Meanwhile at The Chum Bucket]

Plankton: "Drats! I need a way to steal the Forumla!"

[Mima, KK, Yandere-Chan and IA Appear]

Mima: "We came to help!"