GoGang: The Terrific Telethon is a GoGang special episode created by Sophie the Otter with the help of Igor, James, and Pingy.


After the NoGang has caused destruction at GoAnimateLand, the GoGang hosts a telethon featuring a variety of their friends performing witty acts to raise at least a billion dollars.


  • Eric as Handy, Carkle, John,
  • Princess as Nitori
  • Joey as BLU Engineer
  • Julie as Marisa
  • Jennifer as Patchouli and Renko
  • Kayla as Sophie the Otter and Jelly Otter
  • David as Preston and thegoldenbrick1
  • Young Guy as Pingy and James
  • Kimberly as Sanae, Info-Chan, and Peanut Otter
  • Paul as Igor the Mii
  • Simon as OliverWestern


[Sophie the Otter presents....]

[The title of the special appears from the left while a telephone appears from the right, the title and the telephone stick together to form the logo]

[Cut to GoGang]

Igor: "You know what's behind me?"

[Nitori appears Behind Igor]

Igor: "Nitori!" [Giggles]

[As soon they arrive on GoAnimateLand, Almost Everything is Destroyed, We hears Serveral Screeches. (That aren't loud)]

Igor: "Let me guess, the NoGang did this?"

Pingy: "Yeah! They Caused it!"

Igor: "Wait a minute, how did you know?"