Created by Igor0the0mii2

PLOT (W.I.P) Edit

Igor and Sophie were browsing around Google, until they both realize that PETA made another mock flash game called "Pokémon: Red, Blue and White" and is planning to attack PB&J Otter for using dangerous weapons and tools on some occasions. This outrages Igor and Sophie. So the duo calls some of the HTF cast, most of the PB&J Otter Cast and others to stop PETA for good.

Cast Edit

Paul as Igor and Ernest Otter

Kayla as Shauna, Sophie, Jelly Otter and Bridget Spotlow-Garbiel (from the Supernanny Fanon Wiki series)

Brian as Justindancingsamuel, SimpleGuy1401, Mordecai Peterson and Ootsie Snootie

Eric as Mario, Tails, Splendid, John, Samuel the Otter (Good) and Handy

Diesel as Lumpy and BLU Heavy

Belle as Toy Chica

Young Guy as Sonic, Toothy and Flick Duck

Shy Girl as Baby Butter and Kirby

Kimberly as Peanut Otter, Princess Zelda and Sanae Kochiya

Joey as Cuddles and BLU Engineer

Kidaroo as Munchy Beaver

Tween Girl as Pinch Raccoon and Giggles

Ivy as Scootch Raccoon

Julie as Bootsie Snootie, MC Adore, Irina and BLU FemScout

Jennifer as Opal Otter and Renko Usami

Transcirpt Edit

[We See the words "Igor0the0Mii2 Presents" and the special's title]

[Cut To Sophie's Bedroom, where Igor and Sophie are browsing on the internet.]

Igor: "This is Neat---"

[on the computer screen, we see the words "Pokémon: Red, Blue and White" and "PB&J Otter Promotes Animal Abuse!"]

[Igor and Sophie get angry]


Sophie: "My cousins are not gonna like this!"

[Jelly Otter and Peanut Otter Walk in, Jelly is carrying Butter Otter]

Jelly: "What you mean with not liking it?"

Sophie: "Take a Look on the Computer Screen."

[Jelly and Peanut Get Shocked]

Peanut: "Oh No!"

Jelly: "This Can't Be!"

Igor: "We need to stop PETA!"

Jelly: "How about if we can do the Noodle Dance?"

Sophie: "Good idea."

Peanut: "I'll just noodle, but I don't wanna dance."

[Everyone does the Noodle Dance except for Peanut as the screen turns blue with white outlines of objects. Peanut later joins in]

[1 minute later]

Jelly: "I got it!"

Peanut: "What, what happened, what?"

Jelly: "How about if we can remove the promotions online in the PETA headquarters when no one's looking?"

Peanut: "Nice idea, Jel. But don't you think it's dangerous?"

Jelly: "Scratch that!"

Baby Butter: "Stop it! Stop it!"

Sophie: "That's it! We can stop PETA with the help of our friends and family!"

Igor: "Let's call our allies now!"

[1 hour later, cut to a plain]

Igor: "Annetion, Everyone! PETA has mocked Pokémon and plans to Attack PB&J Otter, So We need to Stop PETA!"

Sophie: "Yeah!"

Igor: "Any Ideas?"

Sanae: "I Don't have Any."

BLU Heavy: "They're not Booletproof!" (They're not Bulletproof !)