Created By Pingy Animatronic.


Oh No! Pingy and Oliver are Fighting For The 3 Mario Princesses and Bickering! And it's Up to Igor to Send Them to The GoLympics!

















Pingy: "Peach, Daisy and Rosalina are Mine!"

Oliverwestern: "NO! They're mine!"

Igor: "This is dishonor to All of us!"

Pingy: "They Love me More Than You!"

[Pingy Points at Oliverwestern]

Oliverwestern: "Im a Better Pointer Than You!"

[Pingy and Oliverwestern are Slapping Each Other]

Igor: "THIS IS NOT COOL! I shall start the Golympics!"

[Igor Starts the Golympics]

[Igor is the Star of ThunderFire]

Igor: "I am Fire. I am Thunder. I am Igor the Mii."

Pingy: "I'm what?"

Igor: "WaterIce Star?"

Oliverwestern: "And Who am I?"

Igor: "GrassBuzz Star!"

[Igor goes to the VIP Spectator room, He, Patchouli and Info-Chan are Watching.]

Igor: "The Prizes are Over There! The 3 Princesses are 1st Place Prizes! Toadette is 2nd Place Prize! and Princess Shroob is 3rd place Prize!" 

Info-Chan: "Good Luck, Pingy and Oliverwestern!"

[First Event is Running 100M.]

[Cirno and Sonic enter the Event.]

Pingy: "Hey! Im The Fastest Runner!"

[Pingy Runs Faster and Faster]

[Pingy Crosses The Finish Line]

Igor: "Wow! Pingy Won!"

Info-Chan: "He is sure Fast, Sweetie."

[Second Event is Jumping a Gap Highest as Possible]

[Renko and Tails enter the Event.]

Igor: "Wonder who would win this one."

[Cream enters the Spectator Room]

Cream: "Hi!"

Igor: "Hi Cream!"

Pingy: "I am Going to Jump Using Bouncing Shoes!"

[Pingy uses Bouncing Shoes to Jump The Gap High as Possible]

Info-Chan: "Wait, is the Use of the Bouncing Shoes allowed on this?"

Patchouli: "I don't think so..."

Pingy: "I Won Again!"

[Igor checks the "List of Items not allowed on the Events".]

Igor: "UMMM..."

Pingy: "Bouncing Shoes aren't Allowed?"

Igor: "Hang on!"

[Igor finds bouncing shoes in the list]

Igor: "Please try again WITHOUT the Bouncing Shoes."

[Pingy Tries the Event Again]

[Pingy Does Backflip on The Gap]

[Pingy Makes it to The End]

Igor: "Oliverwestern's Turn!"

Oliverwestern: "Count on Me!"

[Oliverwestern is Gonna Jump the Gap]

Igor: "I Bet Oliverwestern will fail."

Cream: "You are sure?"

Info-Chan: "Listen to Cream."

Igor: "Uh? I am Predicting!"

[Oliverwestern Trips over The Gap]

Oliverwestern: "Ow!"

Igor: "I was Right! Tails' Turn!"

[Tails Uses His Tail to Fly toward The Gap]

Igor: "Nice, Tails!"

Tails: "Thanks!"

Igor: "Renko's turn!"

[Renko is Flapping Her Arms and Jumps Off The Cliff]

Igor: [Laughs] "What was that?"

Info-Chan: "This was Weird."

Pingy: "I Won!"

Igor: "Yeah!"

[The Next Event: Bike Cycling]

[Sanae and Espio Arrive]

Igor: "Look! It's Espio and Sanae!"

[Alex Kimble Shoots The Starter Pistol To Start]

[Pingy is on First Place while Oliverwestern is on last place]

Igor: "Go, Pingy!"

[John, Marisa, MarioLeopoldSam and Senpai enter the VIP Spectator Room]

Igor: "More VIP Narrators Arrived!"

[Pingy is Pedaling Faster to The Finish Line]

Igor: "Pingy's gonna win!"

Senpai: "Go for It!"

[Pingy Crosses The Finish Line]

Igor: "Pingy is the winner!"

[Patchouli and Info-Chan hug Igor all of sudden.]

Igor: "Aww..."

John: "Lucky you!"

Igor: "Ok, the next and final event is...A Race trough the entire City."

[Alex Kimble Shoots The Starter Pistol Once Again]


[Mima, Yandere-Chan, Bowser, Eggman and Baikninman Invade the Event]

Igor: "Oh uh! We have Unwanted Guests!"

Baikinman: "We are Here to Steal The Prizes!!!"

Yandere-Chan: "Yeah!"

Mima: "They're ours now!"

Igor: "Not if i stop you!"

[Igor Attacks the Villains with a Thunder and Fire Cloak]

[The Villains Dodges The Attack]

[The Villains Hops into Baikinman's UFO and Tries to Vaporize The Runners]

Pingy: "Oh No!"

Igor: "I need some help!"

[Igor fires Homing Bullets at The villians]

[Baikinman Turns on The Punching Fist to Punch Igor]

Baikinman: "This Oughta Do It!"

[Igor Faints]

Info-Chan: "IGOR!"

Patchouli: "You will pay!"

[Pingy And The Runners are Going to The Finish Line]

[Baikinman Blocks The Path]

[Info-Chan and Patchouli run all the way towards the Runners]

Info-Chan: "What you did to Igor was F*cking Wrong!"

Patchouli: "He may hate Books, but he is my Boyfriend!"

Baikinman: "Say Hello to My Fist!"

[Baikinman Punches Patchouli to Outer Space]

[Pingy Jumps on Top of Baikinman's UFO]

[Pingy Crosses The Finish Line]

[Patchouli Lands on Igor, waking him up.]

Igor: "Ahh...P-Patchouli? What Happened?"

Baikinman: "Say Adios to Your Girlfriend Igor!"

[Baikinman is About to Squish Patchouli with His Giant Hammer]

[Pingy Takes Off The Plug of Baikinman's Giant Hammer]

Baikinman: "Wha?!"

Igor: "Nice try!"

[Igor blows the Villians away with a Wind Bomb]

[The Villains die]

Igor: "And Pingy is the winner!"

[At The Award Ceremony...]

Igor: "Pingy is on First Place!"

[The three Princesses appear]

Igor: "Here's your Reward!"

Pingy: "Thank You!"

[The three Princesses kisses Pingy's Cheeks]

[Pingy blushes]

Igor: "In 2nd's Place...Tails!"

[Toadette appears]

Tails: "Worth it!"

[Toadette kisses Tails on the Cheek]

Igor: "And in 3rd Place...Oliverwestern!"

[Princess Shroob appears]

Oliverwestern: "Oh god..."

[Princess Shroob kisses Oliverwestern]

Igor: "That Finishes the Golympics!"

[The End]


  • This Episode Reveals That Pingy Could Run Faster.
  • Alex Kimble Appears as a Non-Speaking Character.
  • This is OliverWestern's First Main Antagonist Role.