GoGang: Revolting America is a Episode created by Igor to Celebrate 4th of July.


It's 4th of July, and the Heroes Host a 4th of July American Party! But Sadly, MarioLeopoldSam Roblox and Sakura Loopsy wants to ruin the Party by putting Japanese Stuff on it! Can the Heroes Defeat MarioLeopoldSam ROBLOX and Sakura Loopsy?


Paul as Igor, Villager Igor, and Susumu Hori

Eric as MarioLeopoldSam ROBLOX, MountainDewGuy2001, John, Carkle and Cody

Kayla as Sophie and Jelly Otter

Ivy as Flaky, Sakura Loopsy, and Konata Izumi

Julie as Marisa and Naomi

Princess as Nitori and Pippi Osu

Kimberly as Sanae, Saki Miyu and Peanut Otter

Shy Girl as Baby Butter

Young Guy as Pingy and James

Simon as Oliverwestern

David as Preston Evergreen and thegoldenbrick1

Zack as CoolGamer23 and Leopold Slikk

Brian as Wataru Hoshi

Scary Voice as James Rolfe/AVGN


The StartEdit

[Cut to GoGang HQ]

Igor: "Let's See, Today is July 4th. That means Today is Independence Day on United States. We can host a party."

John: "Sure! Let's tell the Other GoGang Members!"

Igor: "Yeah..."

[The two walk towards Sophie]

Igor: "Today is 4th of July!"

Sophie: "Yay!"

Igor: "Ummm...."

Pingy: "Eh, I'm going to Invite Naomi!"

Igor: "Same here with Sanae!"

Sophie: "Let's not forget Preston and PB&J." 

Igor: "Roger that!"

John: "I'm calling Marisa Kirisame too..."

[Lucas walks towards the Gang]

Lucas: "Well guys, i don't date Chica anymore, I date Alice Margrtoid from Touhou now."


John: "Yeah..."

Lucas: "Yeah, I know."

Setting stuff upEdit

[After they call their Friends]

Igor: "Ayoo Preston! Ayoo Sanae! Ayoo PB&J! Ayoo Sophie!"

Sanae: "Hello, Sweetheart."

John: "Y'all Ready for the Party?"

Everybody (Minus John): "YEAH!"

Igor: "We aren't even prepared yet! We must buy-"

[Nitori and Villager Igor Enters the GoGang HQ.]

Villager Igor: "I already got everything for the Party!"

[Villager Igor pulls all the Party stuff, Food and drinks from his pocket to a table.]

Igor: "Villager Igor is sure a Pocket Master."

Sophie: "Yeah..."

[CoolGamer23 Arrives]

Igor: "Hey Driller!"

CoolGamer23: "Hi Igor, There is anything i can help you with?"

Igor: "You can manage the Food and Drinks at the Table."

CoolGamer23: "...Ok?"

Carkle: "Hey, That's my Catchphrase."

John: "We Know, Carkle."

Sophie: "Let's see what we have..."

Sanae: "Uh?"

Igor: "I really Don't get it."

John: "Well, Me Neither."

At MarioLeopoldSam Roblox's HouseEdit

[At MarioLeopoldSam Roblox's House, he is planning a evil plan.]

MarioLeopoldSam: "Hey Sakura Loopsy!"

Sakura Loopsy: "Uh?"

MarioLeopoldSam: "Let's ruin the GoGang's Party!"

Sakura Loopsy: "Good Idea!"

MarioLeopoldSam: "How about...we can shoo PB&J out of the party and add some Japanese stuff into it!"

Nearly Ready!Edit

[Marisa, When nobody's looking, She takes a BonBon.]

[John spots Marisa doing so.]

John: "Marisa! No! Not now!"

Marisa: "Sorry!"

[MountainDewGuy2001 enters the HQ]

MountainDewGuy2001: "I'm here!"

Igor: "Oh, Hello MountainDewGuy2001! One of the drinks is Mountain Dew! Despite i never have drinked that berfore on my whole life."

MountainDewGuy2001: "Wow, you never drank Mountain Dew?"

Sophie: "..."

John: "Something wrong?"

[Pingy is Dancing with Naomi]

[Igor pulls a sign saying "10!"]

Igor: "Ten out of Ten! Good job, Pingy!"

Pingy: "Thanks!"

CoolGamer23: "I'm going check the Wiki while we set up the party."

Igor: "Well, i gotta do the same, i don't wanna any vandals slipping in."

[The two rush to the Computer room and enter GoAnimate V3 Wiki]

Igor: "Well, no Vandals Around!"

[MountainDewGuy2001 walks into the room]

MountainDewGuy2001: "Yup, I hate Vandals."

Igor: "Same here!"

[The 3 walk away from the Room]

[Pippi Osu and Saki Miyu enter the HQ]

Igor: "Well, I'm going to do a witty joke."

[The Screen goes Dark]

Igor: "We got Sonic and Miku Mentally Broken, I blamed Coldsteel and Saki for it."

[The Screen returns to normal]

Igor: "Remeber, it's just a joke."

Saki Miyu: "Hey Guys! Remember Me?"

Igor: "I sure remeber you!"

MountainDewGuy2001: "Man, I never met those 2 girls."

Igor: "Well, I understand, MountainDewGuy2001."

Pippi Osu: "We have Videogames...Right?"

Igor: "We do, but you can't play them."

Pippi Osu: "Why?"

Igor: "Duh, you gotta socialize a bit more!"

Pippi Osu: "Fine..."

The Party StartsEdit

John: "I gotta ask myself...Well, Who it's in the world?"

Igor: "Worthless Question, John."

John: "Sorry."

[Cut to PB&J Otter at Table]

Jelly: "They have PB&J Sandwiches!"

MountainDewGuy2001 "PB&J Sandwiches?"

Jelly: "Well, I, Peanut and Butter were named after them!"

MountainDewGuy2001: "Oh..."

[Cut to the New VX Team (Igor, John, Sanae and Marisa)]

Igor: "C'mon Guys, Let's Get this Party Started!"

Sanae: "Yeah!"

John: "We'll Celebrate 'till Midnight!"

Marisa: "Wait, Midnight?"

John: "Yeah..."

Sophie: "Preston, do we have anything wrong here?"

Preston: "Well, Everything is okay, Besides the fact there is 1 BonBon missing."

Everyone on the GoGang HQ (Minus Marisa): "MARISA!!!"

Marisa: "Sorry!"

Igor: "It's okay..."

John: "Is that bad i wanna actually bang her?"

Igor: "Oh Jesus, John. You broke the Radar!"

John: "But wanting to bang a girl is ship tease, right?"

Igor: "It's Radar busting."

John: "Oh, Sorry!"

[Saki Miyu and Pippi Osu hug each other.]

Igor: "Awww...Two girls hugging..."

John: "Well, no big deal, right?"

Sophie: "Eh, Some enjoy Yuri, other don't."

Igor: "Agreed."

Sanae: "It's 8 PM Now!"

MarioLeopoldSam Roblox and Sakura Loopsy's AttackEdit

[MarioLeopoldSam Roblox and Sakura Loopsy burst trough the door of the GoGang HQ]


Peanut: "Uh oh!"

Sophie: "Don't destroy it to death, please!"

Preston: "Yeah!"

MarioLeopoldSam Roblox: "We don't care! We're also going to Shoo PB&J and we're going to put Japanese stuff here!"

Igor: "Hey! No Fair! We're not going to do such bullcrap!"

[MarioLeopoldSam Roblox tries to Push PB&J Out of the GoGang HQ while Sakura Loopsy brings Anime DVDs and Mangas.]

Igor: "You're ruining my party!"

MountainDewGuy2001 "I agree with Igor. Both of you need to get out."

MarioLeopoldSam Roblox: "Why? We can do whatever we want!" (Snickers)

Igor: "You're two weeaboos who force opinions on Anime and Baby Shows."

Sakura Loopsy: "Is that so?"


Sakura Loopsy: "No Way! We're also going to you all hate Baby Shows and Love Anime!"


Sophie: "I said, OUT! You heard me! OUT!"

Pingy: "Sakurada Brothers are Drek!"

Igor: "I agree with Pingy! Let's Fight!"

The Fight: Igor VS MarioLeopoldSam Roblox!Edit

MarioLeopoldSam Roblox: "Let's see how cruel you really are...."


The MarioLeopoldSam Roblox and Sakura Loopsy used on this video are their evil counterparts by Igor.