GoGang: Powerful Petition is a Episode of the GoGang in response of the recent GoAnimate Update.


Alvin Hung has removed serveral stuff out of GoAnimate in order to make it a bussiness tool. The GoGang, in response, makes a petition to add them back.


Paul as Igor and Alvin

Kayla as Sophie

Princess as Good Yandere-chan and Saki Miyu

Young Guy as James and Pingy

Kimberly as Info-chan

Jennifer as Patchouli

Julie as Adult Riley

David as thegoldenbrick1

Brain as SimpleGuy1401 and Mordecai


[Igor is busy playing Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith] 

Igor: "This Game is sure hard."

[Sophie runs in shocked]

Sophie: "BAD NEWS!"

Igor: "What now sophie?"

Pingy: "Now I Cannot do the Free Plan!"

Igor: "Actually Pingy, you can still do the Free Plan."

Sophie: "Alvin removed comments, favorites and followers!"