Created by Pingy Animatronic and Igor the Mii.


Igor and the GoGang travel back in time to meet their past selves.


  • Igor
  • Sophie
  • Pingy
  • TGB1
  • James
  • Robbie
  • Clownpiece
  • MC Adore
  • Chica
  • Rosalina
  • TalesFromTheBorderlandFan2000
  • Mordecai Peterson
  • Steve O'Cerrell


[The GoGang finds a portal.]

Igor: "Ummmm...What is this...?"

TGB1: "Pretty sure that's a portal."

Sophie: "To where?"

TGB1: "Only one way to find out."

Mordecai: "Ok...."

[They enter it]

[They teleport to the V2 Wiki, February.]

Igor: "What is this?"

Clownpiece: "Weird."

Rosalina: "Weird, too."

Sophie: "Same here....But hey! It's not even a year before."

TalesFromTheBorderlandFan200: "Yeah... Are we in the past or something?"

[They hear Talking coming from the V2 Wiki Chatroom]

Igor (Past): "Well, the Best Girl is MC Adore!"

MC Adore: "He's right!"

Igor: "Past Me is wrong. The Best Girl is Clownpiece!"

Igor (Past): "Who said That!?"

[The Present GoGang appears on the Chatroom.]

Igor (Past): "Whoever Clownpiece is, I'll Probably hate her."

Igor: "She's your future Girlfriend!"

Sophie: "Calm down!"

TGB1: "Hey!"

TGB1 (Past): "Hey!"

TGB1: "Are you my past self?"

TGB1: "Are you my future self?"

???: Who are you?

Pingy (Past): "I finally made a grounded video out of NathanDesignerBoy7!"

Mordecai: Grounded videos out of NathanDesignerBoy7? Pingy don't make that.