GoGang: Meet the MAFFLLPH is a GoGang film made by James The Animator.

Plot Edit

The GoGang are walking down the street, enjoying their day as usual. However, they unfortunately run into members of the MAFFLLPH (Mothers Against Fun, Freedom, Love, Life, & the Pursuit of Happiness). Now they must stop the organization before they try to take over the world.


Young Guy as James and Pingy

Paul as Igor and Blue Mario

Kayla as Sophie and Ino

Kimberly as Sanae

Tween Girl as Cirno

??? as Nitori and CJ

Brain as Mordecai and SimpleGuy1401


[James the Animator presents...]

[The title appears]

[We fade to the gang walking]

Igor: This is such a nice day!

James: Yeah. I hope nothing goes awry!


  • This is the first Legend Killer Productions film to have Pingy.