GoGang: Martial Arts Tournament is a GoGang movie created by IA.

Plot Edit

The GoGang get invited to the mungsuhan swarga kuwat tournament, a martial arts tournament held every 10 years. They sign up for it, but they soon find out that opponents can kill each other if necessary. They try to resign, but the contract says they cannot leave until they lose! Most of the GoGang members win the match (except for carkle , sophie, and thegoldenbrick1, who survive, but are injured, though they get healed by Igor (Get it? He can heal!)). 40 minutes before Deniz's match, Chrome, Igor and IA go to a store to by some snacks, but they get stuck in a traffic jam and they miss Deniz's match. When they arrive back to the stadium, Deniz is DEAD. Her neck was broken. Yakron did it. The next opponent to face yakron is Chrome, but Chrome pretends to accidently fall out of the ring. The only other contestant raimaining is IA, so he has to fight yakron. He is almost killed, but he impales yakron with his fist. After the tournament is over, GoGang disbands because of Deniz's death, for aleast until the next movie...

Cast Edit

Paul as Igor and Himself

Eric as IA , Carkle, Annoucer and himself

Kayla as Sophie and Jelly Otter

David as Thegoldenbrick1

Alan as Jeice and Chrome

Dallas as Shrek

Scary Voice as Yakron

Callie as Deniz

Young Guy as James

Brian as Mordecai and DreamworksFan1997

Kimberly as Peanut Otter 

Theme SongsEdit

James The AnimatorEdit

Metallica - Creeping Death (w/ Boondock Saints intro)

Sophie the OtterEdit

Survivor - Eye of the Tiger (w/ Ted Striker's "I've got to concentrate... concentrate...concentrate." scene from Airplane!)

Igor the MiiEdit

Chao Karate - Sonic Adventure 2

IA Edit

Mezase tenka-ichi

Transcript Edit

IA: Guys, look!

Thegoldenbrick1: What are we looking at?

IA: I have received this letter!

Chrome: what does it say?

IA: It says, dear IA, you and 7 of your friends have been invited to our martial arts tournament.

Igor: "I'm going to spoil you all. This is the last time Deniz appears because SHE WILL DIE!"

Deniz: "Lies!"

Igor: "Ugh..."