Created By Pingy Animatronic, It is a Indiana Jones Parody


Pingy Works at The GoCity Children's Museum and He Needs To Find The Secret Relic of The Golden Edition of The Mario Amiibo!


Young Guy as Pingy

Julie as Mima

Paul as Igor

Kayla as Sophie

Princess as Chica the Chicken and Reimu Hakurei


Pingy: "I heard there is a Golden Mario Amiibo!"

Igor: "So?"

Pingy: "I must get it!"

Igor: "Go ahead."

[Pingy Goes to The Forest To Find The Temple]

[Pingy Contacts Igor And Sophie]

Pingy: "Hello? Is This Igor and Sophie?"

Igor: [On Phone] "Yes! And Did You Find The Temple?"

Pingy: "Almost Igor!"

Sophie: "Where Counting On You!"