GoGang: GoWarriors is a GoGang Series movie made by James The Animator.

Plot Edit

Our heroes have become cats and entered the world of Warriors! They have been given a prophecy from StarClan to receive warrior training so they can start their own clan. But, the villains have followed them there!

Cast Edit

  • Young Guy as James and IA and Pingy
  • Kayla as Sophie and Jelly Otter
  • Paul as Igor
  • Simon as Oliver
  • David as thegoldenbrick1
  • Brian as Mordecai
  • Kimberly as Peanut Otter and Sanae
  • Shy Girl as Butter Otter
  • Eric as Carkle
  • Tween Girl as Cirno


(The GoGang are walking down the street.)

James: Isn't it a nice day, guys?

Igor: Yeah!

Sophie: I agree! What could possibly go wrong? Whoops, said Bubsy's infamous quote.

Mordecai: What should we do?

James: Let's have a picnic!

(Cut to the gang having a picnic.)

Igor: This is fun!

Oliver: I agree!

Jelly: I love this PB&J sandwich mama packed for me!

(We hear a strange, hard to describe noise)

Sophie: What's that sound?

Mordecai: Dunno know. Let check it out.