GoGang: GoAnimate University is a Movie Created By Pingy Animatronic, It is Inspired By the 2013 Film Monsters University.


Young Guy as Pingy and James

Paul as Igor and GoAnimate Inc Tourist and Alex Kimble

Eric as John and Carkle

Julie as Marisa and Naomi and Bus driver

Kimberly as Sanae and Info-Chan

Princess as Saki Miyu and Yandere-Chan

Jenffifer as Patchouli and Mima

Tween-Girl as Cirno

Kayla as Sophie

Ivy as Pingy as a Child


[Orange Otter Media Presents]

[The School Bus is Going to GoAnimate Inc.]

[The School Bus Parks in Front of GoAnimate Inc.]

[The Kids Especially Pingy Comes Off The Bus]

Pingy: "This is GoAnimate Inc?"

[The GoAnimate Inc Tourist Arrives]

Tourist: "Yep! And We Will take a Tour!"

Cirno: "Ehh, i'm sorta scared."

Igor: "Don't be scared, cirno."

[We See GoAnimators Especially Alex Kimble Making Grounded Videos Out of Bad Users]

Tourist: "And This is Where Good Users Makes Grounded Videos!"

[Pingy Steps on The Line]

Tourist: "Woops! Stop Right There!"

Pingy: "Sorry."

Igor: "Nice Job, Penguin."

[The Students Pushes Pingy to The Back]

Pingy: "Hey I Wanna See The Animators!"

Kid: "Out of The Way Penguin! You Do Not Belong on GoAnimate!"

Igor: "Ummm, I'm afarid that kid is saying the truth..."

Pingy: "Awwww..."

[Pingy Sneaks Past to the Line]

[A Kid Steps on The Line]

Tourist: "Dude! Do Not Step Over The Line!"

Kid: "Tourist! Pingy Crossed The Line!"

[The Tourist Sees Pingy Going to Alex Kimble and The Tourist Freaked Out]

Igor: "Toruist, You seem angry."


[The Crowds Gasps at Pingy Near Alex Kimble]

Alex Kimble: "What?"

Igor: "A penguin is close to you."

Alex Kimble: "That Was So Dangerous Kid!"

Tourist: "Pingy! What do You Have to Say For Yourself!"

Pingy: "How do I Become an Animator?"

[The Intro Begins]

[The Intro Ends]

Igor: "Ask Alex, if he is on the mood."