Created By Pingy Animatronic

This Episode Is Also The Third Episode of Getting Dumb/Stupid/Baka Characters Smarter


Dave as Patrick

Young Guy as Pingy, James and Carkle and Spongebob

Paul as Igor

Eric as Carkle

Evil Genius as TFBLRegularShowAnimeFan2000


Igor: "We Already got Lumpy Smart, Who is the next of the list?"

Pingy: "Umm Patrick!"

Carkle: "Patrick! What is 9 times 1?"

Patrick: "I Got This! 100,000,000 Million Billion!"

Carkle: "Incorrect!"

SpongeBob: "Sorry Patrick! We Don't Wanna Do This But We Have To Send You To School!"

Patrick: "Oh Tartar Sauce!" [Facepalms]

[At school]

Igor: "We're Going to get Patrick Smarter!" 

[Igor gives Pingy a "Tutor" Badge.]

Igor: "This is for you so people know you're a tutor."

Pingy: "Patrick! What is 2 plus 2?"

Patrick: "Ummmm........4?"

Pingy: "Correct!"

Igor: "That was simple."

Pingy: "Yeah!"

Igor: "I suggest calling a teacher to make the lessons harder."