GoGang: Empire Looney's Birthday is a GoAnimate Video by Igor, DreamworksFan1997, Sophie and Carkle.


It's Empire Looney's Birthday! But sadly, Thumbelina and Ness want to ruin Empire Looney's Birthday! 


Dallas as Shrek

Brian as Empire Looney/DreamworksFan1997, Daffy Duck, Globox and Croc

Paul as Igor

Eric as John, Carkle and Ness

Princess as Thumbelina and Reimu

Julie as Naomi, Marisa and Giggles

Young Guy as Pingy, Simba and Bambi

Kimberly as Sanae

Ivy as Ness' and Thumbelina's Baby Voice

Joey as Rayman

Simon as Berk

Salli as Noodle

David as Cuddles


  • [Empire Looney wakes up]
  • Empire Looney: "Hey! Today's my Birthday, Guys!"
  • Empire Looney: And I'm 18 years old!
  • Empire Looney: I'm going to invite all of my favourite characters to come to my party!
  • [Empire Looney calls some of his friends and favorite characters]
  • [10:00 AM]
  • Empire Looney: "It's my Birthday!"
  • Igor: "Okay!..Let's all hope Ness and Thumbelina isn't planning to ruin the party."
  • [Meanwhile, Outside of Empire Looney's House]
  • Ness: "Mahahahahahah! Look at them, Getting ready for my hater's party!"
  • Thumbelina: "Let's Ruin the Party once we have the chance!"
  • [Cut to the Heroes]
  • Igor: "Be Smart, Folks. We need Porky to Guard the Party."
  • John: "Agreed."
  • [2:00 PM, The party starts]
  • Empire Looney: "Yeah!"
  • Everyone: Happy 18th Birthday, Empire Looney!
  • Empire Looney: "Turn up the music, guys!"
  • Carkle: "You got it!"
  • [Carkle turns on the music]
  • [The song that playing on the radio is All Star by Smash Mouth]
  • Sophie: "I wouldn't mind getting the Get Along Gang to join."
  • Noodle: "Em, Who are the Get Along Gang?"
  • Sophie: "They consist of a moose named Montgomery, a dog named Dotty, a cat named Zipper, a lamb named Woolma, a beaver named Bingo, and a porcupine named Portia. They do indeed get along. Now let me call them on the phone in their clubhouse caboose."
  • W.I.P