GoGang: Elevator of Nightmares is a GoGang episode created by Sophie the Otter. It is inspired by the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM-Studios) and the 1997 namesake film adaptation.


The GoGang is going to a '20's-themed party on the rooftop of the St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan, NY. At the lobby, they end up at an elevator with a Bellhop (an anthropomorphic kangaroo rat dressed like a real bellhop with a cat's bell on the tip of his tail). When they press 20 on the elevator, things seem normal at first, but many spooky surprises await for them, such as Elinvaders (elephant-like aliens) corrupting the elevator's direction, five female teenage spirits resembling Sky from TDPI (but dressed in 1920's fashion, hinting that they came from the 20's and are a gang called M.A.G.E.S) threatening to turn them into corpses they can eat, and more unwelcome surprises.


  • Paul as Igor
  • Eric as John and Carkle
  • Jennifer as Patchouli, Spirit 1 (Alessandra) and Renko
  • Kayla as Sophie and Jelly
  • Kimberly as Sanae and Peanut
  • David as Preston and thegoldenbrick1
  • Young Guy as Pingy and James
  • Brian as BellHop (Ringo Kingo)
  • Julie as Naomi, Spirit 2 (Gretchen) and Marisa
  • Professor as Elinvader 1
  • French Fry as Elinvader 2
  • Kate as Spirit 3 (Martha)
  • Allison as Spirit 4 (Edna)
  • Bridget as Spirit 5 (Sylvie)


[Orange Otter Media presents]

[The title appears]

[We slowly pan in on the streets of Manhattan]

Sophie: "My, my. Isn't it such a lovely day for a celebration in this city of Manhattan?"


  • The BellHop (Ringo Kingo) was originally going to be American, but LKP thought that having him being British would be a better idea. So his voice was changed to Brian from Eric.
  • This Episode Reveals Igor has Very Insane Side, which is triggered by murdering his current primary waifu (Patchouli Knowledge, in this case.)