GoGang: Burning the Pig is the GoGang Season 1 finale.

Length: 90 Minutes

Cast Edit

Humans and Animals Edit

Paul as Igor and KingKool720

Eric as IA, Carkle (cameo), Himself and John (The Character itself, not the Latios with the nickname of the same name.)

Kayla as Sophie, Jelly and Shauna

Ivy as Peppa Pig

Shy Girl as Kirby and Baby Butter Otter

Kimberly as Princess Zelda (The Character itself, not the Latias with the Nickname of the Same Name.) and Peanut Otter

Dave/David as Pac-Man

Brian as PC Guy

Kidraoo as Yoshi

Pokémon Edit

Charizard (Igor's) (Nickname: Dragonoide)

Blazkien (Igor's) (Nickname: Scootaloo)

Inferape (Igor's) (Nickname: IsaShaSanae)

Emboar (Igor's) (Nickname: Bacon)

Delphox (Igor's) (Nickname: Fire Tails)

Latios (Nickname: John) (Igor's)

Latias (Nickname: Zelda) (Igor's)

Politoed (Nickname: Dewitt) (Sophie's)

Typhlosion (Nickname: Flamadger) (Sophie's)

Golem (Nickname: Tortock) (Sophie's)

Gyarados (Nickname: Serpy) (Sophie's)

Chesnaught (Nickname: Chester) (Shauna's)

Plot Edit

Peppa Pig is making a new movie, Igor, Sophie, Eric and IA Find out and Have to Call People and bring Stuff to cook Peppa Pig and TURN HER INTO BACON!

Transcript Edit

IA: "Wow! That was a great Ninjago episode!"

T.V Announcer: [On Brian Voice as Everybody gets Shocked] COME ALONG and WEAR YOUR BOOTS for PUDDLES OF GOLDEN PEPPA FUN! Everyone's favorite piggy is making a splash on the big screen!

Sophie: NO!

T.V Announcer: Entertain your little ones with this unique experience available ONLY in Cinemas now!

Igor: Oh my EDM!

T.V Announcer: One hour of Peppa Pig fun and a cinema experience for the whole family to enjoy. Join Peppa on a brand new adventure in her first ever 15 minute special episode The Golden Boots! As part of the experience there’s 5 favourite Peppasodes to watch AND in between it all, there’s a whole lot of songs, giggles and snorts with the Milkshake! Presenters Jen Derek and Kemi!

IA: This is terrible! We must stop it! 

Eric: Igor, What you think about--- 

Igor:  [In Kidraoo Voice] BURN THE PIG!

[We See the Words "Mii Functions Presents" and the title of the Special]

Sophie: YEAH! We can cook her to eat for dinner! As you know, I am in general an omnivore!

Igor: [Paul Voice] It's like I and You Turning The Peppa Pig family into bacon...2! Electric Boogaloo!

Sophie: Get a better title.

Igor: Burning the Pig?

Sophie: That's better.

[Igor is seen grabbing some Pokéballs.]

Igor: I will use my Emboar from Black 2, My Delphox and Charizard from X, and My Blaziken, Inferenape and my other Emboar from AlphaSapphire to roast Peppa into bacon!

Sophie: "Clever idea, Igor. Now, don't release them till we're ready to burn Peppa, OK?"

Igor: Okay, but do you know why I always pick Fire Types?

Sophie: How?

Igor: It's because I have a firey passion, my fav color is Orange, and Fire is Red-Orange-Yellow. Also, Sophie, which Pokémon you are bringing?

Sophie: "My Politoed, Typhlosion, Golem, and Gyarados from HeartGold."

[Igor grabs more 2 Pokéballs]

Igor: I'm also bringing my Latios and Latias from AlphaSapphire, Nicknamed John and Zelda, Respectively. 

[The heroes run out of the house]

Igor: We got to tell KingKool720 and PB&J too!

Sophie: Okay! Let's go to King Kool's house first, and then to my cousins' houseboat.

Igor: I get it now.

[Igor tosses Latios' Pokéball]

[Latios is sent out]

Igor: KingKool720's house is far, we got to use my Latios to get there quicker.

Sophie: "Great idea! Let's board this guy so he can take us to KingKool720's house!"

[Igor and Sophie hop on Latios. Latios flies towards KingKool720's house. 30 seconds later, they arrive.]

[Igor knocks on the door.]

Igor: KingKool720! 

KingKool720: OK, what do you want? 

Igor: Peppa and the Golden Boots has been released in theaters! We better stop Peppa by burning her! 

KingKool720: Yikes! Can I help you, pretty please? 

Igor: Absolutely, just get onto my Latios named John! 

KingKool720: Okay...despite I have Acrophobia.

[KingKool and Igor hop on Latios and flies towards PB&J's house on Lake Hoohaw. 1 minute later, they arrive]

[Sophie walks inside the Houseboat and knocks on the door]

[The door opens to reveal PB&J]

Sophie: "Oodelay, PB&J. I have to tell you something."

Jelly: "What's that?"

Sophie: "I want you three to come along with us."

Peanut: "Why?"

Sophie: "Peppa and the Golden Boots has just been released in cinemas. We need your help to defeat Peppa and burn her body so that we can eat it up!"

Jelly: "We'll come with you!"

Baby Butter: "Yeah!"

Peanut: "Let us on the Latios!"

Sophie: "OK." (helps up PB&J onto the Latios)

[Latios flies towards Vaniville Town of Kalos. Igor knocks on the door of Shauna's house]

Igor: "Shauna!"

Shauna: (opens the door) "Hi! What do you want, guys?"

Igor: "We need your help burning Peppa Pig! Her own film recently released! Come jump onto my Latios named John!"

Shauna: Okay!

[Shauna hops on the Latios]

Igor: Anyone else yet to tell about the news?

Sophie: We got to tell John, Zelda, Kirby, Pacman and Yoshi!

Igor: Alright! Roger that!

[Latios flies towards John's house]

[Igor knocks on the door]

John: Let me guess. We got to defeat Peppa Pig, right? I'll bring my Nidoking nicknamed "Tank Kicker".

[John and Igor hops on the Latios]

[Latios flies towards Hyrule Castle]

[The gang notices Zelda]

Peanut: "It's Zelda!"

Zelda: Hi! How may I help you, my friends?

Igor: Peppa has a new movie. And we must stop her by burning her. Mind if you come along?

Zelda: Okay! I'm bringing my Nidoqueen nicknamed "Melody Hoper".

[Zelda hopes in the Latios]

[Latios flies towards Dream Land]

[On the way, they meet Kirby]

Zelda: "There's my Nintendo ally Kirby!"

Kirby: "Poyo!" (Translation: "Hey!")

Sophie: "Kirby, Peppa is getting a movie! You need to stop her with us!"

Kirby: Poyo! Poyo! (Translation: Okay!)

[Kirby hops on Latios]

[Latios flies towards Pac-Man's house]

[Pac-Man runs up from his house]

IA: "Pac-Man! We need you quick!"

Pac-Man: Why? 

IA: "Peppa is getting a new movie!"

Pac-Man: "OK! I'm joining you! Waka Waka!"

[Pac-Man hops on the Latios]

Latios: Latioooos! (Translation: Too much people at once...)

[Igor tosses Latias' Pokéball]

[Latias is sent out]

Igor: Boys on the Latios, girls on the Latias! Now!

[The girls hop off the Latios and hop in the Latias]

[The Eon Duo flies to where Yoshi is.]

Yoshi: "Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi!" (Translation: "Hi there, my friends!")

KingKool720: "Yoshi, Peppa just had a movie released in theaters. We invite you over to stop her!"

Yoshi: "Yoshi Yoshi!" (Translation: "Count me in!")

[Yoshi hops on the Latios]

[The Eon Duo flies towards Peppa's house]


Everybody (Expect Igor, Yoshi, Kirby and the Eon Duo): I'M READY.

[The gang hops off the Eon Duo and head towards Peppa's house]

Peppa: Who's there?

[The gang bursts trough the door]


Sophie: "That's right!" [Dewitt the Politoed pops out from his Pokéball and peeks from Sophie]

Dewitt the Politoed: "Politoed! Poli Poli!" (Translation: "I'll hurt you! Very hard!")

[Igor sends out Charizard,Blazkien, Inferanpe, Emboar and Delphox]

Dragonoide the Charizard: ROOAR! CHARIZARD! (Translation: I'll Burn you with Flamethrower!)

Scootaloo the Blazkien: Blaze! Blazkien! (Translation: I'LL SKY UPPERCUT THE H*** OUT OF YOU!)

[Sophie sends out Flamadger the Typhlosion, Tortock the Golem, and Serpy the Gyarados]

Flamadger the Typhlosion: "Ty Ty Typhlosion!" (Translation: "I'll burn you with Flamethrower too!")

Tortock the Golem: "Golem Golem Gol Gol Gol Golem!" (Translation: "My Earthquake attack will knock you off your feet!")

Serpy the Gyarados: "Gyara! Gyarados!" (Translation: "Now! I'll Hyper Beam you!")

Bacon the Emboar: EMBOAR! (Translation: I'll Heat Crash you!)

Fire Tails the Delphox: DELP! PHOX! DELPHOX! (Translation: I'll Psychic, Solar Beam and Flamethrower You Too!)

Peppa: "Uh oh! I am in trouble!"

Igor: "Exactly!"

[KingKool720 gets out an AK-47 and sticky bombs]

KingKool720: "You sure are, Peppa..."

Peppa: (holds up a "I'm Screwed" sign) "This can't be good!"

[Scootaloo the Blazkien uses Sky Uppercut then Brave Bird on Peppa Pig]

Peppa: OW!

Sophie: "Tortock! Earthquake!"

[Tortock the Golem uses Earthquake on Peppa]

Peppa: "Hey! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Igor: Bacon, Hammer Arm!

[Bacon the Emboar uses Hammer Arm on Peppa]


Sophie and Igor: "Dragonoide, Fire Tails, and Flamadger, Flamethrower!"

[The three Pokémon use Flamethrower on Peppa]


IA: tahu! burn her more!

tahu: DIE PIGGY! (burns Peppa to intensify the burning)

[Peppa Luckily Finds a Water Poodle and runs around, she's sightly burned.]


Igor: Now Let's Use a Combo Attack with our Pokémon!

[Dragonoide uses Brick Break And Aerial Ace on Peppa, Then IsaShaSanae the Inferape use Thunder Punch And Close Combat on Peppa, Then Emboar uses Heat Crash, Hammer Arm, Earthquake and Flare Blitz on Peppa, then Delphox uses Solar Beam, Psychic, Power-Up Punch and Flamethrower on Peppa.]

[Peppa is Almost Dead]

Sophie: "Now we need to finish the job!"

Igor: Use your Pokémon, Sophie, Okay?

Sophie: "OK! Dewitt, Hydro Pump! Tortock, Earthquake! Flamadger, Flamethrower! Serpy! Hyper Beam!"

[Sophie's Pokémon use their attacks to kill Peppa completely]

Igor: YAY! PEPPA'S DEAD! Now let's turn her to Bacon!

[Cut to Igor's Backyard, Where the Heroes are and there is a BBQ.]

Igor: Let's Cut Peppa so we can make Bacon!

Sophie: "That's using your noodle!"

Jelly: "That's my line!"

[The team cuts Peppa's body]

Igor: Let's Cook the Pieces!

[The team cooks Peppa's Body Pieces with Help of the Fire-Type Pokémon]

[Once they are ready to prepare the bacon] 

Igor: "Who's up for bacon?!"

Sophie: "Me!"

IA: "Me too!"

KingKool: "Um, yes...."

Igor: Let's Start Eating the Bacon! Dig in!

[Everyone eats his/her bacon]

[After eating, leaving 1 bacon]

Sophie: (burps, but covers her mouth) "Pardon me."

Igor: "You're excused."

[Carkle comes in to the scene]

Carkle: "What did I miss?"

Igor: "We had bacon by burning Peppa Pig."

Carkle: "Aw! But I wanted some bacon!"

Sophie: "No worries, there is one piece of bacon left for you."

Carkle: "Oh! Thanks!"

[Carkle eats the last bacon]

Igor: "That was fun burning the pig."

Sophie: "Agreed."

Carkle: "Too bad I missed the fun part."

KingKool: "It's ok." ["BELCH!"] "Oh, 'scuse me."

Trivia Edit

One of Igor's First Videos, which is Igor and Sophie Turns The Peppa Pig family into bacon, was Referenced.

This Movie was Created In Response of the Movie "Peppa Pig and the Golden Boots".