Created By Pingy Animatronic


Igor Has Left Pingy In Charge to Babysit Igor's Daughter Iganae, Will Pingy Be a Great Babysitter?


Young Guy as Pingy

Princess as Iganae

Paul as Igor

Kimberly as Sanae


Igor: "Pingy! I and Sanae are going out! Take care of Iganae!"

Pingy: "OK!"

[Igor and Sanae walk away of the HQ]

Iganae: "Hi."

Pingy: "Now What Do You Wanna Do Lil' Critter?"

Iganae: "Eh, I'm Hungry."

Pingy: "Me too!"

Pingy: "Let's Go to McDonalds!"

[At McDonalds]

Iganae: "Umm..."

Pingy: "Eh...What you want?"

Iganae: "A Cheeseburger?"

Pingy: "Im Gonna Have Large Fries with Chicken Nuggets!"

Cashier: "OK!"

[Pingy hands over the money, Cashier gives pingy the Food.]

[Iganae Makes a Mess in Mcdonalds]

Iganae: "Oops."

Pingy: "Oh god! How this happened?"

Iganae: "Well, I caused a mess."

[Iganae tries cleaning the mess]