Created by Igor and Sophie the Otter. 


Igor and Sophie Invite 98 People (100 people if you count igor and sophie) to dinner.


Paul as Igor, KingKool720 and Zaptor

Zack as Shuff, Preston Evergreen, and colono

Kayla as Sophie, Shauna and Jelly Otter

Eric as John, Carkle SwagMuffin, and Karoshi

David as thegoldenbrick1

Belle as Samus

Young Guy as Toy Bonnie, IA, and James The Animator

Scary Voice as Emperor Ronaru

Jack DeSena as Chrome

Brian as Mordecai

Joey as Empire Looney

Grace as Blinky Bill

Jennifer as Renko

Kimberly as Sanae, and Peanut Otter


Work in progress — please wait.