Created By Pingy.
Aired: May 29, 2015.
Writers: Igor the Mii
Sophie the Otter
James the Animator
Pingy Animatronic
Director: Pingy Animatronic


Gligar13Vids Goes to Gamestop To Buy The New Mario Party 10 and Says That it Sucks Due to It Being The Same As Mario Party 9, Mario Party Island Tour, and Mario and His Friends Came To Ground Him.


Zack as Gligar13Vids

Paul/Felipe as Igor the Mii and Gannon Scheer (WageGannon6)

Kayla as Sophie, Jelly Otter and Shauna

Kimberly as Info-Chan, Sanae and Peanut Otter

Eric as John and Carkle and Mario

Joey as Cuddles and Luigi

Young Guy as Pingy and Yoshi

Princess as Princess Peach

Jennifer as Renko, Patchouli and Daisy

Alan as Gligar13Vids' Dad

Brian as Mordecai Peterson and SimpleGuy1401

Shy Girl as Baby Butter Otter

Tween-Girl as Giggles and Cirno

Julie as Marisa


Gligar13Vids: "I'll make a BAD GAMES Review of Mario Party 10!

[Gligar13Vids goes to GameStop and Buys Mario Party 10, Then makes a review of it.]

Gligar13Vids: "Yes! I Made BAD GAMES Review out of Mario Party 10!"

[At Mario's House, Igor and Pingy are on Youtube]

Mario: "Let's a See what's on Youtube!"

[We see what Gligar13Vids Made.]

Igor: "Oh No! Gligar13Vids did it Again!"