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Daillou (known as Daillou Anderson in some videos) (pronounced "Dai-You") is the clone version of Caillou. In GoAnimate, he is often portrayed as Caillou's long lost twin brother. Just like Caillou, Daillou is also a Troublemaker.

He is voiced by David.

OliverWestern SeriesEdit

In the OliverWestern series, Daillou is introduced as Caillou's twin brother. He is one of the many prisoners at Barnhurst. He is currently serving time in Barnhurst for urinating down the teacher's leg. His best friend is Diesel Warner, whom he calls Wonky Warner.

Other VideosEdit

In other GoAnimate videos, he is portayed as one of Caillou's twenty-five siblings (Zaillou being the only female in the 26 Caillou Siblings).