CoolGamer23 is the creator of Drillimation. He joined GoPlus in October 2014 and joined the wiki on May 2015. Drillimation is a portmanteau of drill and animation. Besides using GoAnimate, he is an unterganger and AGK parodist.

He is strong enough to survive explosions, gunshots, or any other type of lethal weapon, and can't die no matter what.


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A Mr. Driller themed anime known as The Star Trigon Misadventures[1] was rumored in 2013. However, Namco was ahold of Mr. Driller at that time, which denied all rumors.

"I was so excited when I saw GoAnimate for the first time because I've always wanted to do animation. GoPlus was the plan I got as a birthday present."
—Susumu "Driller" Takajima, creator of Drillimation
Driller became interested in GoAnimate in the summer of 2014. He really got interested when he saw OfficerPoop247forever's series, but when he made his GoAnimate account in July 2014, he called it "drillertv" instead of Drillimation. When he got GoPlus in October 2014, he was creating character sprites for the animations. His skills started off with Wataru turns school into Creeper's Arcade/grounded. His lip-synching with the audio was poor, so he made the mouth stay open for the rest of the series.

The series continued when he created three original Drillimation characters in December 2014. He created Kagami "Sydney" Ochiai, and a pair of twins known as Shira-san (the pink-haired girl) and Rian-san (the green-haired girl with the twin tails). In March 2015, he partnered with Japanese video game company Quint Studios, Inc. to create Drillimations called "Smash Toons". This continued until late April 2015, where he got a DMCA complaint from a user who created the character sprites from the United States. Driller disagreed about this and decided to fight it.

Following the DMCA complaint, Quint Studios lost the rights to own Drillimation and one of Driller's friends, Kenjirou Nasaya, founded a new company known as "Gianlucist Production, Inc." The company has been licensed for a year to make Drillimations.

After apparently not making Drillimations for two weeks, another user known as @reallys****yocs screenshotted the official Drillimation Instagram page and posted it on his Instagram wall, asking users to destroy Drillimation. Driller got his friends from school to team up and attempt to destroy @reallys****yocs by making rude comments on the first post. It was initially a success, and all Drillimation posts from @reallys****yocs's page were removed and Driller blocked him from his Instagram.

In July 2015, Driller decided to start a grounded series based on Mirai Kuriyama from Beyond the Boundary (known as Kyoukai no Kanata in Japan).

In August 2015, CoolGamer23 was slapped with a ban after making a hacking joke. He tried to appeal the ban, but it failed. The ban was lifted on August 21, 2015.

More history coming soon!

Characters of the Drillimation universeEdit

  • Wataru Hoshi - a 15-year-old otaku that doesn't give a crap about school and only cares about video games such as Mortal Kombat, Team Fortess 2, and Grand Theft Auto.
  • Kenji Hoshi - Wataru's very abusive father, who likes beating him up for every antic he commits.
  • Susumu Hori - a class genius who helps Wataru on the good and bad things.
  • Susumu "Driller" Takajima - Wataru's enemy (sometimes friend) who likes teaching the Japanese language.
  • Ryan Brinks - Wataru's principal, who gives detentions and suspensions to Wataru every time he commits an antic.
  • Jay Brinks - Also known as King Empty Jay; another one of Wataru's enemies, who only wants him to die.
  • Keel Sark - Sometimes Wataru's ally, he sells griefer supplies that will make his enemies' lives a living nether.


Season 1 (November 2014 - March 2015)Edit

# SE Title Date Created Watch/Video ID
1 1 Wataru turns school into Creeper's Arcade/grounded 11/06/2014 0_2IClGs921o
2 2 Wataru gives his teacher plastic surgery/grounded 11/08/2014 0L2vL-5m4Yks
3 3 Susumu kills Barney/grounded 11/09/2014 0eg5bzQfGpIA
4 4 Susumu poops at the theatre/grounded 11/09/2014 0W6pRE-PK22w

This list is incomplete. Please expand it with all your might!

Season 2 (March 2015 - May 2015)Edit

# SE Title Date Created Watch/Video ID
32 1 Wataru makes a bootleg VHS with Caillou/ungrounded 02/16/2015 0LjHqo7fhH0g

Season 3 (May 2015 - present)Edit

# SE Title Date Created Watch/Video ID
60 1 Wataru puts spikeweed in Principal Brinks' parking spot 02/16/2015 0LjHqo7fhH0g

Copyright IssuesEdit

Main Article: King Empty Jay's Army
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The character images, known as "Mr. Driller Chibis"[2] throughout the series, were subject to copyright by user "Kingmtj". He always gives credit to Kingmtj, but no matter on how he gets takedown notices, he bans him to stop him from destroying his Wikia pages. Driller tried registering it to the copyright office, whether not copyright could be held on fanmade work. They responded that copyright could not be held on works based on others' works.


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Desktop BackgroundsEdit

Here are some Drillimation desktop backgrounds. You may use them on your iPhone/iPad, computer, PSVita, or any other device.




  1. The rumor about the original Mr. Driller-themed anime.
  2. This image is copyright of KingMTJ.