Wikia Fan, how dare you watch Cherry (IA's version)!

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This is IA's INAPPROPRIATE alternate version of Cherrylollipop155

Cherry (IA's Version) is a 79 year old pedophile man who dresses up as a little girl to lure kids into his rape basement. he used to be a weallthy businessman, but after 9/11, he became homeless, and shortly after, he went insane. Cherry has no male body parts. 

Character traitsEdit

  • Cherry Has a very sex crazed personality
  • Cherry is very sexual attractive towards kids of real cherry's age and younger
  • Cherry likes sexual and horror stuff
  • Cherry's hair is grayish blonde, his eyes are the same color as real cherry
  • Cherry's clothes are the same color as Real Cherry
  • Cherry has no wrinkles despite his age.
  • Cherry hates non sexual stuff except horror
  • Cherry likes to play with adult toys
  • Cherry has ADHD problems and is possibly bipolar.
  • Cherry used a adult toy to penerate kids in their behind (for both gender) and front (for girls)
  • Cherry has no sex parts
  • Cherry tricks kids into rape while he asked them to hangout and play with him
  • Cherry is likes to perform oral sex on them
  • Cherry is 63 years older than real cherry
  • Cherry sometimes get mistaken for real cherry
  • Cherry is not only a rapist, but is also a psycho killer, searching for children's blood at night. 
  • Cherry sometimes jumpscares victims in the same manner as Golden Freddy/Fredbear from FNAF.
  • Cherry's girlfriend is Lost Doll (from The Gregory Horror Show)