Charity Brooklyn
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Last name:





Middle school student


May 3rd, 2004





Hair color:

Jet black

Eye color:

Navy blue


No one, unnamed high school student

No information

 Charity is a tomboyish troublemaker and bully(after first day of school) in Julie's class who get in trouble alot. She's few years younger than Julie, other people in the class. Charity got suspended and detention multiple times, for pushing the boy into a locker, pulling the girl's hair in the cafeteria during lunch, hitting another boy in the nose at hallways, being late for the class after taking a leak in the alley while she's on full bladder  in morning during first day of school, fighting with a girl, cheating on someone's test, beating a boy up, shoves a girl on toliet in the girl's bathroom, being late, cutting classes, skipping school, getting fail grades, other offences she always pick on people include julie and tried to putting them in trouble, also, she's is rarely seen getting grounded by her parents and older sister Ursula and going to the principal's office(Proof that there's deleted scenes about charity is possibly being sent to home. there's few famous goanimate troublemakers who made cameo appearance in this deleted scene of First day of school when charity was sent to detention room) Charity is also hated by everyone at school, she's seeing a unnamed male high school student but it's unknown that he either have a girlfriend and either single, and presumably don't want to date her'. made by CherryLollipop155

Family Tree: Daniel Brooklyn(father)

Audrey Brooklyn(Mother)

Ursula Brooklyn(Older sister)

Jason Brooklyn(Brother)

In GoQuest OnlineEdit

In the game, Charity is one of the villains the player encounters. Once Julie Ginger is recruited in your party, the player is instructed to go to the gymnasium of Julie Ginger's school, where (s)he and his/her allies confront Charity. She challenges the heroes to a brutal dodgeball game involving her calling over dodgeballs in different colors (which correspond to its unique ability) from two open closets to attack the team. The way to defeat her is to either equip yourself with dodgeballs already thrown by her or deflect the balls back with precise timing.