This page lists all administrators on this wiki via table. Also, to prevent vandalism, an admin/bureaucrat will be asked to please not promote a user without GoAnimateFan199Pro's permission.


Reinstated This user got their admin privileges back. This goes back to Active after 1 month.
Active This user is making contributions frequently.
Returned This user has came out of retirement, otherwise from a hiatus or a global block.
Break This user has been inactive for a week.
Revoked This user has lost admin privileges.
Hiatus This user has been inactive for a month.
Unregistered This user has not yet made any contributions.
Dormancy This user has been inactive for over 3 months.
Unknown This user has been inactive for over 6 months.
Retired This user has retired/stepped down as an admin.
Grounded This user was banned due to inappropriate behavior, but still has Admin rights.
Revoked/Grounded This user has lost admin privileges, and was banned due to inappropriate behaviour.
Blocked This user has been globally blocked from Wikia.
Closed This user closed their account or their account was disabled by Wikia.
Closed/Blocked This user was forced to disable their account/forced to close it down as a direct result of being globally blocked from Wikia.

Username Role(s) Current Status User Since Admin Since Reinstated on
GoAnimateFan199Pro Founder
Active September 6, 2015
CoolGamer23 Development President Unregistered Unregistered
Igor the Mii Bureaucrat Break September 6, 2015
Zombie407 Bureaucrat Active September 6, 2015
James the Animator Bureaucrat Hiatus September 19, 2015 September 19, 2015
RobbiePwns135 Bureaucrat Unregistered Unregistered
Pingy Animatronic Administrator Active November 21, 2015

Username Role(s) Reason for loss User Since Admin Since Revoked on
Oliverwestern Co-CEO Ceased admin duties in favor of FanonLand Wiki September 6, 2015 N/A